Power is within us

“Seventeen household in our village are now having safe drinking water” says thirty two years old Mina Nepali from Fulbari village, Dang. Mina continues “We didn’t have access to drinking water earlier. We have to walk one hour to fetch drinking water and sometime we cannot bring polluted water from stream as well. Because of polluted water our children usually get sick from diarrhea and other water borne disease. And in summer season we even cannot get enough polluted water as well. In recent days it had been more difficult as water source are drying up.”
Power With in Us
ActionAid has established reflect circle in the village where community people discuss on their local issue like domestic violence, caste discrimination, sanitation, education, safe drinking water etc. Mina says “we have raised issue on safe drinking water in the reflect circle and we came to a conclusion to build new well in our village. We discussed in the reflect circle we demanded some budget with the VDC (Village Development Committee) to build well. But we were disappointed to know that VDC does not have any budget to build well in our village. But we did not give up; we organized as a group and collect money from within our community. We collected NPR 25,000 (€ 227) from our village to buy materials to build well and with free labor from community people; we finally build well in our village. Now we do not have to travel hours just to fetch a bucket of water. Safe drinking water is available in our village. I really like to thank ActionAid for organizing us and to show us an alternative. Now we are confident that power is within us, if we are organized we can change many things.”

Source: http://www.actionaid.org/nepal/stories/power-within-us